April 14, 2014

ZBrush User Group Meeting in Zagreb

Press release as taken from Pixologic official website where I was one of the presenters:Our latest Pixologic User Group Meeting is scheduled for April 23rd through 27th, 2014 at the Lauba Contemporary…
February 26, 2013

Pixologic – Top Row Award

One of my latests ZBrush projects, Model XY3 has been selected for the Top-Row at ZBrush Central, Pixologic’s website Inspired by Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics, it is also featuring…
October 13, 2012

Biosphere meets Technosphere

Promo poster This promo poster is actually a derivative from the project, I am currently working on. A purpose of MOTH3R Branding is to experience a life in it’s pure…
April 2, 2011

Auto(r) 2012 Conference

Auto(r) Automotive Design Conference is event started in 2009 by Daniel Tomičić with a  mission to promote designers as authors of automobiles and  automotive design as part of product design…
March 15, 2011

Auto(r) 2011 Conference Speaker

In less than a week, this Saturday I would be speaking at Auto(r) Design Conference.Auto(r) is Automotive Design Conference organized by Daniel Tomicic Art Historian – journalist & CEO of Scuderia…
March 12, 2011


Version 8th, Portfolio Version 8th, Portfolio After almost two years I am finally publishing a new version of my digital portfolio. This 9th release  brings a whole new level functionality. Some parts…
July 12, 2006

Hyper Island

In the July 2006, I was accepted to Hyper Island. Hyper Island is a school or better to say educational company founded in 1996, specializing in Digital media. With CEO…