In less than a week, this Saturday I would be speaking at Auto(r) Design Conference.Auto(r) is Automotive Design Conference organized by Daniel Tomicic Art Historian – journalist & CEO of Scuderia Ltd. With this year 2011, it is a 3rd time that this annual conference takes place in Zagreb. It is a truly an honor to speak among all these distinguished guests: car designers, automotive world journalists and engineers.

For more information about the conference, it’s speakers and the program visit the official site

This years guest speakers are Paolo Martin,Francesco Carbini, Vedran Martinek, Vasiliy Kurkov, Dario Dropučić, Giancarlo Perini, Georg Gedl, Marko Luković and Miroslav Dimitrov. They all have one thing in common, they are passionate automotive enthusiasts and they are more than willing to share their personal experiences and  opinions regarding today’s automotive industry and design world in general. You are all welcome.

Photos by Laurent Nivalle, an official photographer of the conference for two years in row.