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Auto(r) Automotive Design Conference is event started in 2009 by Daniel Tomičić with a  mission to promote designers as authors of automobiles and  automotive design as part of product design in general. With all the speakers, professional designers, automotive journalist, engineers and car enthusiasts Auto(r) conference is with every year taking a new shape and life on it’s own. I am very glad I had the opportunity to be part of it.

I am talking here a bit about cinematography in CG and concept behind Plumero, animation I have done for Croatian Dakar Rally Team. I showed later a 3D model used in the animation and raw no-edited renders to show all the differences and importance of post-production process. In general, I am using almost the same process for both animation and still works. Considering all technical requirements and multiple stages of typical 3D production It was pleasant to hear afterwards they got the general idea how was done.

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Paolo Martin having his part of the lecture as he was absolute star of the conference with his Ferrari Modulo design. Designed in golden age of futurism in 70ies this design is to this days still astonishing accomplishment. That comes as no surprise considering all 22 international design awards starting which he got upon initial presentation at Geneva Motor Show in 1970 and Osaka World Fair.

After all that time this an was amazing opportunity to hear Paolo Martin in person talking about the idea and the effort to make it real at the time he was working at  Pinifarina Design Studio. Afterwards, he had experience of working in almost every major car design studio but he is still down to earth, open minded person who gladly shares his unique vision and talent.

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David Hilton is an American designer who after successful career in Ford, Volkswagen and Mazda in 2000 started Motorcity Europe, a company specialized in automotive styling and design. I have especially liked the way he could merge and differentiate ideas from multiple design fields or nature even. In his workshop which was also an integral part of presentation he also showed couple  interesting and fast techniques to visualize it. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who also has general interest in design and sketching to attend some of his workshop he is organizing every year. There is more information about it on his company sitewww.motorcityeurope.com.

Miroslav Dimitrov presenting his work and talking a bit about his vast experience of working for Ford, Ferrari and Lotus. He really showed a lot of different designs and he pointed a lot of different aspect you have to have in mind when you are designing a super car.

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Sketch fighter was an another competition in freehand drawing. In no more time than an hour, the contestants had to propose the most interesting solution to a design problem set by the jury. Both the innovative aspect of the idea and the professionalism of its implementation were appraised.

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Paolo Martin signing his work. This very nice Ferrari Modulo sketch reprint is now in possession of Elvis Tomljenović, a first winner of Aut(r) Design Compettition in the year 2009.

Author of all the photos featured here is Daniele Madia. He was official photographer for this years conference. If you are interested to see more of his work go and see his photographs from this year’s Geneva Moto Show.