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ZBrush Workshop presentation and the 4th Produkteka conference

Scuderia Zagreb  in cooperation with the Center for Design of HGK will bring together designers, manufacturers and distributors in the first Produkteka conference, product design platform for creating new products.

Produkteka is a platform that connects designers, innovators, manufacturers and distributors – elementary parts in realization of good ideas into reality. Our goal is to establish communication between all participants in the creation of new products.

This platform offers a solution to all those in need to add value to their business through quality and sustainable design. Connecting people, facilitating exchange of ideas and creative atmosphere encourages cooperation with the specific aim of creation of new products and strengthening of Croatian economy.

With the support of the Center for Design of HGK, first Produkteka conference will be held on February 14th in their headquarters, Draškovićeva 45, with the topic being IT  and software. Croatian designers and manufacturers will show their visions for development of Croatian products.

Ten designers, ten companies and five distributors will each have ten-minute presentations describing what their operations are, their abilities and needs. The program will consists of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and presentations of successful products.

Exhibition accompanying the event will bring together works made in successful cooperations between designers and manufacturers and demonstrate that Croatian product design has a lot to offer.

“Produkteka is similar to Kickstarter with the difference in that it is not about raising the money but directly connecting designers with companies. This is a great opportunity for all because companies complain about the lack of quality and innovative designs, and designers complain about the lack of work. Therefore, this platform is a meeting place and connection of ideas and production.”

The project is conducted in collaboration with the Center for Design of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Association Boonika – platform of visual dialogue and Boonar studio.