MOTH3R is a sustainable platform of Ivan Šantić, a multi-disciplinary designer, specializing in the fields of concept, motion and industrial design. With 10+ years of experience it has been a pleasure to work with forward-thinking companies and clients.


I am HYPER ISLAND – Digital Media graduate (Crew12), one of the most prestigious design schools in Sweden, based on Learning by doing. My internship had taken place at Native, a London company specialized in product and user experience design. I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. I am a member of HDDULUPUH and HDNP design associations.  In terms of academia, I have a BA in History –Studia Croatica.


I have both, industry and freelancer experience. I am creative, specialized to work with Motion, 3D & VFX, but I am also used to work with other various media ranging from Photography, Graphic Design and Web Design. I have also managed various personal and companies projects. My work, media and choice of tools reflects a simple philosophy of clean, functional and effective visual communication, a part of unique product / brand experience.


In a search between conscious and subconscious, force and matter, logic or inner gutfeeling, I find a fine balance. I am systematical and I express myself on multiple levels and not just what is considered “cool”. As a case study of my creative process, you can feel my ideas through concepts, prototypes and user scenarios. I am familiar with tech, it’s terms and terminology of production, post, VFX, industrial, automotive design, UI or information architecture.