Design is a process, a successful product delivered under estimated deadline. Project cycle is divided under 6 phases to achieve maximum results within minimum levels of stress and boundaries.

1. Brief

Successful engagements are based on clear communication and a deep understanding of the client, project and business situation. Design brief is a statement of design goals and it is developed in concert by a person representing the business and the designer. It contains project backgroundobjectives, target, message, deliverables, timeline, budget and approval.

2. Research

Research and references come before design design solution, a product or service. Collect, Archive and Analyze. Mind-map the data, recognize the problem and patterns of perception, select and define areas of focus, objects and output. Challenge current ways of thinking, features, characteristics and procedures along with fixed point references, provocation or random entries to address constraints and tailor the design process.

3. Concept Development

Problem solving turns the plans into actions through visualization of the innovative models, products, services, tangible experiences and processes. Ideas and plausible solutions are communicated across the medium to the customer. Via Sketches, concepts, prototypes and renderings we reinvent brand. Proof of concept as the crown jewel of the design process shifts the right decisions towards the final stage.

4. Development

Continuation and improvement of a designed solution takes forward from concept development. In this stage production and post-production are bundled together. Quality control is maintained through immersible tests, concluded and validated upon set of standards. Within successful results, implementation of a final design solution is introduced into the environment.

5. Launch

This stage includes final deliverables and complete project documentation of the project. It is also a process of presenting and explaining the project front – and back-end through live environment. When clients press the trigger, a final design solutions is set to motion by imminent launch of product / service into the medium to it’s target audience.

6. Evaluation

That is systematic determination of merit, worth and significance of the project results, using precise and exact criteria against a set of standards. The project impact is measured within it’s target group. Clients are partners, so even after a solution has been delivered, it continues to improve, grow and transform their business.