This August, I have received a full scholarship for two, two weeks Blender Advanced Courses from TOSMI.

TOSMI is a part of MEDIA, the European Union’s support program for the European audiovisual industry. Both Blender training courses were taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria and were organized by Petko Dourmana artist & chairman of InterSpace Association. Courses were designed to introduce media professionals to the benefits and possibilities of an open source pipeline in audio-video production and to date are the leading professional training course for Blender.

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Professional 3D Animation with Blender were also taught by some of the best Blender animators and Art Directors like Bassam Kurdali (USA) and Sebastian Koening (Germany). Both were very happy to share their vast knowledge from their projects. I was particularly interested in production of Elephant Dream which Bassam directed in years 2005/06. By the way this one would be remembered as the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender.

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3D animator/filmmaker, director of Elephants Dream. His character, ManCandy, began as an easily animatable test bed for rigging experiments. Under the aegis of Freefac, Bassam is continuing to explore a model of production that capitalizes on commonwealth. He teaches, writes and lectures around the world on open production and free software technique. Born in Aleppo, Syria, Bassam trained in the United States as an electrical and software engineer. His newest project is Tube.

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A wide range of 3D works, for example architectural visualization, organic modeling and character animation, compositing and matchmoving (with Syntheyes). Blender is his main tool, simply because of the great feature-set, the great and flexible interface, a fast and straight-forward workflow and a lovely community. Currently he is teaching at, where he is creating online video-tutorials geared towards professionals and studios. More info from his site at

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About 10 years of experience in 3D and 5 years in Blender. Has been using it for freelance videos, stills and games ever since. Miro has also been involved as a trainer in several 3D workshops.