For pricing please refer to this online document - MOTH3R® Pricing & Guidelines. This document provides a brief overview of our design and consulting services. We can help your business grow. For any additional questions or business reviews, please contact us directly.

Consultation / Discovery meeting (free)

The initial consultation is free and includes a discovery meeting to define the target, scope, and cost of services needed to achieve your goals. This meeting will be held via video call. NDA's or other legal documents may be signed after we both decide to work together.

  • Communication: Skype  | Zoom
  • Duration: 30min 
  • Deliverables: To be discussed
  • Budget: Range 
  • Timeline: Deadlines 
  • Terms: NDA free
  • Documents: Project brief 

Design & Consultation

Small-scale companies, startups, and businesses with short-term projects, limited budgets, and a focus on minimum viable product solutions and moderate production value and attention to detail.

  • Location: Remotely  | On site
  • Timeline: 
  • Deliverables: To be discussed 
  • Cost: €5k (starts at) 
  • Terms: Prepaid (non-refundable)  
  • Documents: All requested material 

3D/Product visualization

HQ Product / Arch / 3D Visualization services tailored for digital media platforms (corporate websites, Kickstarter campaigns, media marketing) and print, ensuring consistent and engaging visual content across various mediums. Animation available upon request with custom pricing based on the specific project requirements.

  • Location: Remotely  | On site
  • Timeline: 7 days (minimum) 
  • Deliverables: High-quality renders  
  • Cost: €10k (starts at)  
  • Terms: Prepaid (non-refundable)  
  • Documents: All requested material 

Concept design

Entertainment industry: Movie/Game production on a day-rate basis, requiring the highest production value and maximum design impact to captivate audiences. Longer engagements come with a discount.

  • Location: Remotely  | On site
  • Timeline: 15 days (minimum budget) 
  • Deliverables: To be discussed 
  • Cost: €550-750-1k / Day  
  • Terms: Prepaid (non-refundable) 
  • Documents: All requested material 

Military / Defense

Military-industrial sector, defense, and security contracts and applications. We offer design, 3D/CAD modeling, and product styling services with branding prior to manufacturing. With our in-depth understanding of the sector's distinct requirements and specifications, we ensure that our deliverables meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

  • Location: Remotely  | On site
  • Timeline: To be discusssed 
  • Deliverables: High-quality renders  
  • Cost: €25k (starts at)  
  • Terms: Prepaid (non-refundable)  
  • Documents: All requested material 

Industrial design

Established brands, companies, and corporations with allocated resources require brand/design strategy, industrial design/product development, and the highest standards with meticulous attention to detail.

  • Location: Remotely  | On site
  • Timeline: 15 days (minimum) 
  • Deliverables: To be discussed 
  • Cost: €15k-30k-75k (starts at, respectively) 
  • Terms: Prepaid (non-refundable) 
  • Documens: All requested material 


A comprehensive brand treatment and design overhaul that covers all aspects of your brand's transformation.This includes next-gen branding, in-depth design analysis, visual identity development, website design, the creation of a brand new online and offline presence, as well as high-end concept development and product-line ready industrial designs.

  • Location: Remotely  | On site
  • Timeline: 25 days (minimum)
  • Deliverables: To be discussed  
  • Cost: €75k (starts at)  
  • Terms: Prepaid (non-refundable)  
  • Documents: All requested material 


Licensing options are available for both companies and individuals, tailored to your specific corporate or individual needs. Different business models, terms, and prices may apply to accommodate your requirements.

  • Bussiness: Individual  | Company  | Corporation 
  • Models: Single  | Packs
  • Duration: Limited  | Unlimited  (timespan)
  • Area: Limited  | Worldwide
  • Deliverables: Concept(s)  | Design(s)
  • Cost: Fixed  | Subscription  | Royalties  (w/ nominal fee clause)

Please note: the project price, duration, and other details for MOTH3R® business inquiries will be established after the full brief. The client is responsible for any processing fees. New deadlines or requests made on very short notice may incur additional costs of up to 50%.

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